Science vs Miracles

I believe God is the Perfect Scientist.

How can we reconcile some of the seemingly contradictory tenets of science and religion? The Theory of Evolution, the Big Bang model, miracles...  Some may say these refute the principles of Christianity, however, I believe there's harmony.  We know God created man in His own image, but we know very little about how those bodies were created.  The "Big Bang" could easily describe an aspect of God's method to create worlds.  While I think science is often apt to answer the questions of "what" and "how," only religion attempts to answers the "why."

Jesus' first recorded miracle is His turning water into wine at a wedding feast in Cana (since Mary was the hostess, could this possibly be a sibling's wedding?  Or the Lord's Himself?  I digress...).  At first glance, this feels like science has no explanation - only a mysterious power could do this.  But if we think for a moment, we'll realize that God has already shown us a way to turn water into wine - just plant some grapes.  A vine can absorb water and transform it into its fruity juice (maybe add some fermentation time?).  The Lord knows that process perfectly.  And He can probably accelerate it or knows other methods for performing the same chemical reaction.  We are children in our understanding about all science can offer us.

How about communication?  If you brought a smartphone to the ancient Egyptians, they'd think you were a god and build a you a statue.  Now, you probably won't have anyone to talk to on that thing, but if you told them you could talk with your friend halfway across the world who also has a phone, they'd think that a miracle.  The Lord knows that process perfectly.  And He knows even better ways of communicating than using a clunky phone.  We are children in our understanding about all science can offer us.

Mathematicians and physicists have proposed the possibilities of teleportation and are even experimenting with microscopic particle teleportation.  If the Lord can teleport, He knows these processes perfectly.  And if He can't, maybe He's discovered how to move super fast or camouflage super well and teaches those things to His angels.  We are children...

In medicine, God allows us to begin participating in His power.  Do we not now heal the sick that centuries ago would be deemed incurable?  If you were to bring many of the modern cures we have to our same Egyptian friends, they'd make you a second statue.  Leprosy is such a simple cure, but was devastating long ago.  The Lord knows the processes of antibiotics perfectly.  I don't imagine he was giving shots to those He healed back then, but I bet He knows better administrations than that to help our bodies fight disease.  We are children...

God knows everything about science.  And He continues to impart that knowledge to His children at an accelerating rate.  More and more "miracles" are becoming commonplace.  I don't doubt that we'll someday have quite logical explanations for all the "crazy" things we read in the scriptures.  For now, I believe in God's power and omnipotence and am grateful He loves us enough to teach us even the simplest of His abilities.

Miracles don't necessarily produce faith (Laman & Lemuel are classic examples of this), but can confirm our faith and serve as motivation for us to do better.  As we strive to follow Him, we may someday realize the ultimate miracle He wants for us - the deification of man.  I don't know exactly what that process is like, but I'm sure the Perfect Scientist will explain it and all His mysteries when the time is right.


  1. Hey, love this post, man. I was just discussing this very topic with some friends a couple of days ago. I really appreciate your point of view! Hope all is well!


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