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Science vs Miracles

I believe God is the Perfect Scientist. How can we reconcile some of the seemingly contradictory tenets of science and religion? The Theory of Evolution, the Big Bang model, miracles...  Some may say these refute the principles of Christianity, however, I believe there's harmony.  We know God created man in His own image, but we know very little about how those bodies were created.  The "Big Bang" could easily describe an aspect of God's method to create worlds.  While I think science is often apt to answer the questions of "what" and "how," only religion attempts to answers the "why." Jesus' first recorded miracle is His turning water into wine at a wedding feast in Cana (since Mary was the hostess, could this possibly be a sibling's wedding?  Or the Lord's Himself?  I digress...).  At first glance, this feels like science has no explanation - only a mysterious power could do this.  But if we think for a moment, we