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Archetypes of Christ - Isaac

Abraham's trial is a quintessential example for any of us experiencing sorrow or struggle.  Mirroring the format of my last post (an imagined mindview of the woman who sought to touch the hem of Jesus's cloak in order to be healed), I'd like to offer another story from the Bible: the binding of Isaac, or Akedah – this time from Isaac's perspective. "Bind my wrists, papa."   I don't want to subconsciously rebel; I love my dad and will follow God’s will.  Isaac lifted his strong arms toward his aged father.  Abraham hesitated, but realized what his son was thinking and nodded as he picked up the straps.  "I trust you, dad."  Isaac said, as he climbed on the altar, laid down, and shut his eyes to the skies above. It was only a few days earlier that the terrifying revelation had come.  Abraham had received many communications from God, but this one was incredibly alarming and confusing: “Take now thy son, thine only son Isaac, whom thou love