Seeing Above the Trials

I thought I'd list a smattering of quotes that have had a deep impact on my life, particularly during difficult times.  I imagine others probably experience trials as well, so I hope something here will bring some sort of comfort or perspective to endure, persist, and triumph.  Trials are specifically calculated for our individual exaltation.  God is profoundly aware of you and me, His children.  He loves us infinitely and will bless us tremendously as we are faithful to Him.  I testify and witness (have personal knowledge of, give a firsthand account of something experienced) that this is true.  Enjoy!

"The cavity which suffering carves into our souls will one day also be the receptacle of joy." 

- Neal A. Maxwell

“As [you] endure rejection, loneliness, self-doubt, homesickness, exhaustion, and temptation, the refiner’s fire will purify [your] soul. [You] will increase in wisdom and grow up in the Lord, and, as [you] stay faithful, [your] confidence will wax strong in the presence of God.”

- Dieter F. Uchtdorf

"We prepare in the way the Lord has directed. We hold ourselves in readiness to act on the Lord's timing. He will tell us when the time is right to take the next step. For now, we simply concentrate on our own assignments and on what we have been asked to do today. In this we are also mindful of the Lord's assurance: 'I will hasten my work in its time' (D&C 88:73)."

 - Dallin H. Oaks

"Some of us neglect to develop multiple forces of satisfaction. When one of the wells upon which we draw dries up through death, loss or status, disaffection, or physical ailment, we then find ourselves very thirsty because, instead of having multiple sources of satisfaction in our lives, we have become too dependent upon this or upon that."

- Neal A. Maxwell

The odyssey to happiness lies in the dimension of the heart. Such a journey is made on stepping-stones of selflessness, wisdom, contentment, and faith. The enemies of progress and fulfillment are such things as self-doubt, a poor self-image, self-pity, bitterness, and despair. By substituting simple faith and humility for these enemies, we can move rapidly in our search for happiness."

- James E. Faust

“First of all, it is incumbent upon us as students, as Latter-day Saints, and as children of God to see the divine potential in ourselves, to believe in ourselves, to know that with God’s help there is quite literally nothing in righteousness that we cannot become.... We of all people should not be guilty of living under our moral capacity, or, as Brigham Young regularly phrased it, ‘living beneath our privilege.’
If you lack confidence or always sound apologetic or feel you have an inferiority complex, get over it. We all start humbly, we all start with feelings of inadequacy, we all think the fellow seated on our right and the woman seated on our left are more talented, more gifted, had wealthier beginnings than we do, and are going to do better in life than we will. Well, they aren’t and they don’t and they won’t! They are just like you.
I say shame on you if you do not see the wonderful blessings you have had…. no one should ever apologize for lack of opportunity, lack of possibility, lack of divine love to guide us, or lack of dreams to make us better than we ever thought we could be – because all those gifts are ours for the taking if we want them.
Take your dreams, your education, the love of a whole Church full of people, and go make something of yourself.” 

 -Jeffrey R. Holland

"We are in perilous times, but I do not feel the pangs of that terror. It is not upon me. I propose to live so that it will not rest upon me. I propose to live so that I shall be immune from the perils of the world. [I shall] live by obedience to the commandments of God and to his laws revealed for my guidance. No matter what may come to me, if I am in fellowship with God, if I am worthy of the fellowship of my brethren, if I can stand spotless before the world, what does it matter to me what may happen to me? I am always ready, if I am in this frame of understanding, mind and conduct. It does not matter at all. Therefore, I feel no pangs of fear."

-Joseph F. Smith


  1. I love that this is back! Thanks for sharing Spence! I agree with everything you said and love it. I have also understood the "faith in things not seen, which are true" to apply to goals which were inspired by God. That calm but incredibly powerful confidence that fills us when we pursue a worthwhile goal is faith. We may have NEVER seen the outcome that we are working towards, but we know that we can accomplish all things through God and Christ's help, and we are able to push ourselves to new heights and new accomplishments that perhaps once seemed impossible.

    1. Beautiful thoughts, Ragan! Part of this was inspired by you and our conversation about the mustard seed. Thanks for being such an awesome friend, especially one I can talk about deep things with!

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